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Is there financial assistance available?

Yes, we offer different options. LA Workforce is available to pay tuition, for those who qualify. Veteran assistance is available for veterans and their families. If you receive food stamps, this qualifies you for assistance with our Snap E&T program. Cash or debit card is available for paying out of pocket once registration is filled out in the Registration tab, if you are approved. Contact us

 (504) 400-6676 Get started Today!

Do you offer online classes?

Yes, we offer hybrid classes (online classes with in person hands-on training, and video lectures).

After completion of the course, what would take place next?

Once the class is completed, you will receive a certificate of completion. A National certification test will take place at the school location. Then we can help for a job opportunity.

How long is the course?

Get certified in a matter of weeks.

 Click Here. Each course includes State and National certification. Once you have passed the National certification, it allows you to work anywhere is all 50 states.

Does Elise Phlebotomy Training Center help with job placement?

Yes! Once the course is completed, and National test has been passed, many companies will be available for employment. We offer career services of on-the-job coaching, and helping develop skills to achieve professional success.

College was not for me

I didn't want to attend college. I had other responsibilities. This course was a great alternative to getting an awesome career, verses just having a job!

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